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Small Dredger Equipment

Reliable China small dredger supplier Weifang Jin Meng Dredger Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou, Weifang City, Shandong Province, is a dredger manufactuier, and we have been specialized in small dredger equipment manufacturer since 2000. Our small dredger equipments have a good price advantage and cover most of the African, Middle East, South East Asian and South American and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Weifang Jin Meng Small Dredger Equipment

Small dredger equipment is a small type hydraulic controlled, assembled river cutetr dredger. It is used for river channel dredging, canal and water storage dredging. The dredger body uses dismantle and box-like structure, Its dismantle type can be assembly at working place easily and be transported by road, railway and container accordingly, convenient in installation and working place moving from one to another. The power system can be designed to electric system or diesel engine driving system according to customers’ requirements. Equipment on the small dredger equipments are as bellows: traversing device, cutter ladder lifting device, spuds and deck crane. The working process is as following: the cutter head cut the sand and mud underwater to mixture of slurry, then through dredging pump to the pipeline on small dredger equipment; at the end the slurry will be discharged by pipeline on land to the required place.

The small dredger equipment dredging devices are driven by hydraulic, concentrate controlled. The operator cabin is dismountable, which can lower the height of the dredger when maneuvering and allow the dredger to pass bridges easily and safely. When the dredger is transported long way from conjunctive water areas,the dredger body can be dismounted and transported by trucks or trains on road. The dredger can be fixed with anchoring booms and spud carriage.

Weifang Jin Meng Small Dredger Equipment Technical Specifications

JMD350 1100m3 Small Dredger Equipment

Shijiazhuang Dredging Pump

Dia. Discharge pipe






Max. Working capacity



Discharge distance


Dredging depth


Diesel Engine






Total power


Oil Consumption


Hull Dismension



Hydraulic system

Hydraulic pump

VICKERS America(Joint-venture)


Hydraulic Motor

Italy SAI technology(Joint-venture)



REXROTH Germany(Joint-venture)


Operating system

SIEMENS PLC(Imported from Germany)


Ladder winch




Swing winch




Cutter Head







Weifang Jin Meng Small Dredger Equipment Feature and Application

Small dredger equipment can pass low bridge easily, the controlling room and rest room are dismountable. Connecting parts for cabin room and deck are easily dismounted joints,.Construction: it consists of three pontoons: one main pontoon and two side pontoons. The pontoons are connected by the connecting pieces and tightened by high intensity bolts and nuts.

Working site of small dredger equipment: sea, port, lake, and river.Soil conditions: relative hard soil, harden sand, sludge, sea sand, river sand, clay, mud, and so on.

Weifang Jin Meng Small Dredger Equipment Details


Our small dredger equipment is designed by senior engineer, who have specialized in dredger building and dredging work for many years, to guarantee they are well-designed and practical.

Cummins Engine

The small dredger equipment is equipped with world famous powerful Cummins engine, which are famous for its durability, lower oil consumption, standardized accessories and easy maintenance.

Hydraulic system

The most important parts of small dredger equipment and wheel bucket dredger. The hydraulic system requirements are very high and strict; it’s the main artery of the entire dredger. Lateral traction winches, lifting winch and cutter head of the dredgers are driven by hydraulic motors.An integral hydraulic system includes hydraulic oil tanks, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve manifold, solenoid valve, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic components, electrical actuator and so on.

Detachable Structure

The small dredger equipment is detachable, so it is easy to transport when delivering or moving from one working site to another.

Shijiazhuang Pump

Flow passage components use High wear resistant alloy Cr27 to prolonged the pump service life, pump shaft seal use packing seal which is easy to maintain , and anti-friction bearings are from Japanese brand NSK.

Cutter head

For one cutter head, there are 5 blade, 8 teeth equipped on one blade. There is material High chromium. for easy-wearing proof.

Cutter head is driven by hydraulic motor; cutter bearing has lubrication seal-in units.

FAQ for Weifang Jin Meng Small Dredger Equipment

Do your small dredger equipment have a test before ex-factory?


Yes, it must be. Each small dredger equipment must be tested very well before ex-factory so that can guarantee river cutter dredger performance at customers' working sites and save the time and cost for customers. Before test we will send invitation letters to the clients to invite them come and do the performance inspection by themselves, after get the clients permission and the river cutter dredger will be transported to the port for loading.

How is the small dredger equipment transported?


There are two ways forsmall dredger equipment being transported, if the sand dredger size smaller than JMD350, it is easy to transported by containers; if the river cutter dredger size is larger than JMD350, it will be transported by bulks. The small dredger equipment structure is dismuntable and assembled so that can be easy transported by trucks on road.

What kind of service will supply after sales?


After small dredger equipment arrive at clients' working site, we will send two experienced engineers forsmall dredger equipment body assembly and native workers' training. With the assist of ancillary equipment like excavators and cranes , the cutter dredger assembly can be finished within 10days and training can be in one week.

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