Method of using Sand dredger.


(1) Before starting the machine, check the transmission system and machine oil of the whole machine, and then start the diesel engine behind the conveyor belt, pull the clutch, start the diesel engine, slowly move the clutch, and adjust the speed to normal. Then start the front zipper bucket diesel engine.

(2) Two diesel engines after starting. Set the speed to the desired speed. Then release the big arm brake. Slowly put it down, and when the sand in the hopper is more than 2/3, you can stop putting it down, and then support the big arm when it is 1/3. When the big arm is at a 45 degree Angle to the water (that is, about 5 meters), the big arm should be parked. At this time, the amount of sand in the hopper is changed to traction control, the amount of sand in the bucket should be checked when moving forward, and the advance and retreat should be flexible, if the mechanical work of the sand collapse is difficult or can not be pulled, the traction rope should be loosened, so that the ship can retreat until it is dug. If there is a large stone or mud layer under the water, the ship will have a violent vibration phenomenon, then it should immediately lift the dredging arm, avoid the obstacles and then proceed.

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