Cutter suction dredger characteristics.


(1) Cutter suction dredger is widely used, can be operated in rivers, lakes and seas, used for dredging, channel digging, blowing and filling land. In special cases, high-power reamer equipment is installed on the cutter suction dredger, and rock formations such as basalt and limestone can be excavated without blasting.

(2) The cutter suction dredger has high efficiency, large output and long pump distance. Large cutter suction dredgers can produce thousands of cubic meters per hour; The sediment or crushed rock material is pumped thousands of meters away by powerful power through mud pumps and mud drainage lines.

(3) Cutter suction dredger is simple to operate and easy to control. Dredgers rely on the stern of the ship to position and step the steel pile, the use of reamer boom two measuring steel cable and fixed in the trench two measuring anchor, by the winch traction, the swinging of the two chambers to cut sediment materials, working under a certain control swing Angle, the twisted material, through the mud pipe pump to the storage yard. The dredger's step is made up of two piles moving alternately, stepping forward.

(4) Large with self-propulsion system. It can be self-propelled into place during migration. Small and medium-sized dredgers are mostly without self-propelled systems and are towed by tugboats. Small and medium-sized dredgers can be designed and built into a package, transported to the site by land, and can be used after assembly.

(5) Good economy. The excavation and transportation of materials are completed at one time, without the cooperation of other ships and several times of handling. Relatively low engineering cost.

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